For no one is a secret that Zac Efron has a well built body and that this is due to strict training and a very good nutrition. Well, and also to the fact that he has personal trainers while we have to try to motivate ourselves enough so that we do not miss gym sessions. However, for Christopher Hudspeth, an American guy, Zac’s diet and training became his primary motivation for a healthier lifestyle.


Christopher Hudspeth is an American guy who decided to make a radical change in his life. He left the bad eating habits to try to get a healthy body and sport. For this he noticed the actor Zac Efron, known for his sculptural body.

The challenge was clear: training and eating for two months as Zac to get a body similar to that of the Californian actor. The motivation was Christopher after eating a pizza and found a photo of Zac: “Something had to change.”

Christopher, who shared his story and progress on Buzzfeed, had spent the last few months eating and drinking whatever he wanted. His habits took over and that became noticeable in his physique.

<blockquote>”I had been exercising sporadically since I moved [to Los Angeles]. In my good weeks I went to the gym four or five days worse than other weeks I went only once or twice. These inconsistent efforts coupled with my takeaway diet made it very out of shape, more than at any other time. “</blockquote>

Christopher has shared his story and progress on Buzzfeed. Continuous daily exercises and a diet where proteins and vegetables abound, but cared to the millimeter. He also consumed whole-grain carbohydrates such as brown rice and quinoa.

That was all it took to say that it was time to change and discover how it was possible to have such a marked abdominals that seemed to be carved by hand. With a little luck and patience, the boy managed to contact Patrick Murphy , creator of Zac Efron’s training for Baywatch, who agreed to guide him for eight weeks.

The personal trainer left with a brief diagnostic test to determine which weights Christopher should use at the beginning. The exercises included weight training, elastic bands , and also exercises that used body weight only. According to Christopher, one of the most important things at this point was learning to perform the exercises correctly with an impeccable posture. Often posture is so important that it can make an exercise, performed in a bad way, not give us the benefits we seek.

zac efron challenge

Christopher worried about including lean proteins in his diet and chose to consume tuna, egg whites, salmon, and chicken breast. He also consumed different fruits and vegetables (especially green leaves) and opted for whole- grain carbohydrates such as brown rice and quinoa. To drink, he opted for black and green tea without sweeteners.

The challenge was “maximum delivery” for eight weeks. And so his body changed after eight weeks of training and eating like Zac Efron. These were the dramatic changes that his body suffered.

Zac Efron workout

While a diet like this is not for everyone and definitely requires patience and constant guidance from qualified professionals, it is interesting to see that we can actually sculpt our body if we do it the right way and eat well (extremely well, I would say).

The the video below, you can see Zac Efron’s perfectly ripped body for Baywatch:

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