Zac Efron is determined to reward Paris Jackson after learning of the disappointment she had when she was ten years old. During a visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon , the daughter of Michael Jackson revealed that the first concert she attended in her life was made by the cast of High School Musicalin 2007, which Efron did not attend because of work commitments.

Zac Efron and Paris Jackson


Zac Efron became popular when he was very young in one of the world’s most beloved and acclaimed idols. And our actor has moved on, has continued to grow, has continued to revalue his talent and has continued to work on large projects that have made him a good actor.

His followers have also accompanied him in this sensational process of growth and Zac has always been grateful to all of them. He is a close and pleasant person, that is why we have had many stories with him as a protagonist, in addition to those followers of whom we speak, who have reached our hearts.

Although the last one we have known is not as cheerful as we used to. Also, it is possible to emphasize that who has related the facts is someone of known: it is Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson.

Yes, at The Tonight Show , next to our dear Jimmy Fallon, Paris has told a lot of things about his childhood and also about his present. Among the first, highlights an anecdote that today may seem funny but that certainly broke her heart.

And is that when I was 10 was a great follower of High School Musical in general and Zac Efron in particular, so going to one of the concerts they organized after the boom of the movies was like a dream for her. However … It ended up being a dream a little truncated! And it is that Zac was not present in the spectacle that could attend, since it was recording Soul of champion , film that saw the light in 2005. Paris speaks of this as something that broke her heart.

<blockquote>”He was filming a movie when the tour began. That was the most depressing part, he was not there! I felt heart broken at 10 years old. It was sad”</blockquote>, Paris told the host. On hearing the news, the 29-year-old actor said he will do everything possible to make peace with her and even invited her to meet in person:<blockquote> “I’m so sorry! I’ll make sure to be there next time. She should come to the premiere of Baywatch”</blockquote>, Efron told E! News .

Zac Efron never wanted to hurt Paris Jackson. The beautiful daughter of Michael Jackson surprised us by confessing on a TV show that her first amorous disappointment was because of Zac Efron and not her current boyfriend Michal Snoddy. This week, the beau has answered. In an interview they did to Zac at the CinemaCon in Las Vegas yesterday the handsome apologized to Paris and sent him an important message.

<blockquote>”I’m very sorry, I promise that the next time you go there, I’ll be in. You should come to the Baywatch premiere.”</blockquote>

After appearing on the cover of magazines such as Rolling Stone and Harper’s Bazar, Paris will make her debut as an actress in the Star musical series, produced by the Fox network . The 18-year-old will play a social media specialist who will oversee a photo shoot for a musical group: <blockquote>”Acting is something that has a lot of fun. I thought about spending many other things when I was little. I took acting classes when I was 13 and discovered that I enjoyed it a lot. I’m excited about this,”<blockquote> she said.

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