The actor, whose recent film “Baywatch”, revealed that he and the so-called “King of Pop” admired each other.

 During an interview for “Live! With Kelly & Ryan” , Zac Efron confessed how special Michael Jackson was in his life, to the point of influencing him in his acting career.
zac efron michael jackson

The actor said that his fanaticism for the late “King of Pop” was so much that he listened to it all the time and that his records sounded at all times in his car.

Efron noted that Jackson also told him that he was a fan of his work.

It is that the former protagonist of “High School Musical” told when Michael Jackson called him on the phone the first time, in a dialogue also entertained, because the figure of the cinema imitated the voice of the artist who died in 2009.

<blockquote>”A great friend of mine, Kenny Ortega , director of ‘ High School Musical’ , and I were having dinner in Paris. The phone rang and he made a sign for me to approach, and on the phone I greeted and replied ‘Oh yeah, who I said, “I said my name and asked who was on the other side.” Then they asked me to go with Kenny, “said the actor in amazement.

“Minutes later the phone rang again and Kenny motioned for me to come back immediately. I picked up the phone and heard ‘Is it Zac Efron ?’, To which I replied yes. ‘Oh! I’m sorry I did not know who I was talking to just now. I am sorry. I am a great admirer of you, ‘”added the actor

 I knew who it was, that’s why I started to cry,” confided the young Hollywood beau .</blockquote>

There is no doubt that the Jackson family has something with Zac Efron , because not only Paris admires him deeply, his father, the King of Pop at the time confessed to Zac himself that he was a big fan of his work … Incredible !

During his visit to the Live! with Kelly & Ryan, Kelly Rippa and Ryan Seacrest asked the protagonist of Baywatch who had been his idol. Efron, extremely serious and leaving aside the humor of his last characters in the movies, admitted that it had undoubtedly been Michael Jackson . That all the time, every day I heard him, that even his album always sounded in his car.

But that was not the most poignant. When asked if he had ever had the opportunity to speak to him in person, Efron recounted the first (not confirmed if only) time he spoke on the phone with Michael Jackson . The funny thing is not the anecdote, but the way he told it, well … Attention! He imitated the voice of the music icon and it was great.

Here the moment … Epic!

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